Program Highlights May 28 – June 03

The annual Habitat for Humanity Breakfast took place at the First Parish Church of Bolton on May 03, the breakfast is an awareness and “friend-raising” event, giving the community a chance to meet the new homeowners and allow them to see Habitat’s current projects. Keynote speaker for the event was award-winning author, Michael Tougas, his works include his bestselling novel “The Finest Hours.” This program also posthumously honors Edward Mason for his years of military service in the Coast Guard; Mason was a recent partner for Habitat NCM’s Critical Home Repair program. You can catch this video on Channel 08 starting this week!


Town Hall Streams has a new website! To keep up to date with all of the town meetings in Bolton, follow this link!

All government meetings are also available on the internet. Follow the links on the right side of the page. Town committee meetings are available on Town Hall Streams and School meetings are on our YouTube channel.


Program Highlights May 21 – May 27

Jan Johnson presents “Organic Lawn Care” at the Bolton Library, this week on Channel 8! Bolton Access TV filmed this presentation this past March 8, where Jan tells us how to treat our yard organically. She gives us great information on organic products and what “organic” really means, the dangers of pesticide, how to take advantage of nature’s natural lawn care service, and how to have a scientific understanding of what your yard needs. As we are fully entering spring, learn how to properly care for your yard organically!