Program Highlights Apr 30 – May 06

“The Kamla Show” continues their “Women in Science & Technology Series” this week, with an interview featuring Danielle Applestone, CEO of Other Mill Co. in Berkeley. Applestone talks about growing up in Arkansas, studying engineering at MIT and UT Austin, and learning how to start her company in Silicon Valley. Tune in to Channel 08 to find out how she did it! Also showing this week is another episode of “Michelle Raes Music Music Music,” where guest Becky Hobbs performs music from her musical honoring her Native American grandmother.


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Program Highlights Apr 23 – Apr 29

The Youth Ensemble of New England’s performance premieres on channel 8 this week, from March 26 at the Stow First Parish Church. Tune in to see Director Connie Rittenhouse Drexler and performances like “Fanfare and Processional,” “Romance, Op. 36,” and “The Lord is My Shepherd.” Also premiering this week is the first episode of “Nerd Caliber,” locally produced by a MA based Production Company; this particular episode features the 2017 LA Anime Convention! The show offers insight into “nerd” subculture, this episode focusing on cosplay.