Program Highlights October 14 – October 20

Based on the gothic novella with parts taken from the play, this week’s spooky film is 1920’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. A silent horror film, this movie shows much of Dr. Jekyll’s split personality using no makeup, but only the face contortions that the actor could make. The movie airs every night this week at 8pm – 10pm on Saturdays.



New Nashoba Regional School Committee channel!

Click Here to go to our new Nashoba Regional School Committee YouTube channel and see the future videos there for the NRSC.


Program Highlights October 7 – October 13

Our spooky movie marathon continues this week with Night of the Living Dead! The 1968 version, it is known as a cult classic and has garnered critical acclaim. The story follows 7 people in a farmhouse trying to protect themselves from the living dead. The movie airs every night this week at 8pm – 10pm on Saturdays


Graduation DVDs

Bolton Access TV is pleased to announce that we are selling DVD copies of the 2018 Nashoba Regional High School graduation ceremony.  The cost of each DVD is $20.  All profits of DVD sales will go toward a future scholarship to a Nashoba Graduate pursuing a career in the video production industry.  You will receive your DVD(s) in the mail.

Forms for ordering DVDs will be included with the graduation tickets.  Forms can also be downloaded from here, or can be picked up in the NRHS Main Office.

Completed order forms and payment should be mailed to Bolton Access TV at 697 Main Street, Bolton, MA  01740.  If you have questions contact Bolton Access TV at or 978-634-1358.


Town Hall Streams has a new website!
To keep up to date with all of the town meetings in Bolton, go to:!


All government meetings are also available on the internet.
Follow the links on the right side of the page.
Town committee meetings are available on Town Hall Streams and
School meetings are on our YouTube Channel.