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Program Highlights November 19 –November 25

Our Thanksgiving programs continue this week. Cook with Tina Cooks and Papa Tuck. We will be airing The Pilgrims (1955) and The Pilgrims Adventure (1979). We’ve also got some Charlie Brown programs playing. Tune in this week and all day on Thanksgiving day.

We will also be airing the Ty-rods car event from September. Listen to interesting car interviews done by Jason MacAlister and learn all about the old cars and their stories.


All government meetings are also available on the internet.
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Town committee meetings are available on Town Hall Streams and
School meetings are on our YouTube Channel.


Program Highlights November 12 –November 18

Get ready for Thanksgiving with our themed programs. Prepare some amazing recipes by watching Tina Cooks’ turkey recipe and Papa Tuck’s pumpkin pie recipe. Learn some history with The Pilgrims (1955) and The Pilgrims Adventure (1979). Bring a smile to your face with Charlie Brown: This Is America/The Mayflower Voyagers. We’ve got a Thanksgiving program for everyone!

This month is also National Diabetes Month. Tune in to Talk Me Healthy with Scherrie Keating as we air her prediabetes program. Watch to learn if you could be at risk and how to keep healthy.